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    Im allergic to poultry, fish , eggs and fish oils am trying to loose weight but can't find a good diet can anyone suggest something that will help

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    Hi Dumpling ,I'm sure someone will come up with something on this one.

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    Hi, i'm allergic to fish and fish oils but I practically live off poultry and eggs. Have a look at Jem's posts, she's a vegetarian. I believe there are some other veggies on this forum as well, best of luck

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    Chocfish as well,but she's not on at the moment.

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    Hello dumpling, welcome to the forum
    I am sorry to hear of your allergies, that must make life very awkward at times, but all is not lost, you dont say, are you vegetarian?
    I have successfully lost weight on low carb dieting and I have kept it off too plus it helped me to get my blood sugars down to below 10 (I used to be in the 20s) and eventually to normal non-diabetic levels.Some people in hear swear that a low GI diet is working for them, so it is up to you to decide which you want to try.
    As for your allergies, you can eat other meat, just not poultry? You can also eat soya products, dairy products, cheese, quorn, nuts and if your blood sugars allow you can also eat some pulses and lentils to make sure that you are not lacking in protein, and then of course loads of vegetables, some of the low/medium carb fruit, herbs, spices, seeds, etc and work your diet around that, so just replace chicken or whatever with something that you are not allergic to.Cut out transfats and only consume healthy fats, from meat, cold pressed oils, eg olive oil, etc butter, get hold of Good Oil (its a hempseed oil and available from bigger supermarket branches), flaxseed oil, so honestly there is no reason to worry about not being able to tolerate fish oils, you still can be really healthy and not have allergic reactions.
    All the best
    Karen x

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    thanks guy's I've been disparing at not loosing weight have found a sunflower spread in tesco's that hasn't had any omegas added I cook without using oil but when I have to I use the spray on crisp and fry I cook in a fan assisted oven I eat pastas I'm not a vegertairian by the way my sugar levels are normaly about 4.0 and 5.9 at moment bit higher as I have a cold.I am type2 diabetic don't know if mentioned that or not.I have only been a diabetic since august 20006. I have only just had the internet since 5th Jan 09 and i will enjoy having support and enjoy sharing my exspriences with you all.

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    Welcome to the forum dumpling, you've come to right place. Just have a good nose around and I'm sure you'll find some good ideas.BTW Chocfish, brilliant post! Sure you're not a writer?

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    Hi Dumpling,
    You seem to be suffering the common misapprehension that fat (e.g. oil) makes you fat - it doesn't. Not only that but it doesn't raise your blood sugar and it has now been proved to have a minimal affect on heart disease. There is a plethora of slimming clubs out there who still keep feeding us out of date information about the dangers of fat and oil, when the most dangerous thing you can eat in excess is carbohydrate. The more carbs we eat then the more insulin we need, and insulin is the fat-building hormone.
    The main reason we have so many overweight people in western societies is the huge amount of carbs in modern western diets. Fifty years ago we, as a nation, ate a diet containing far less carbs, particularly sugar, and far more fat. Yet it was rare then to see someone who was obese.
    If you reduce the carbs then you reduce the insulin required and so your body stops creating fat. If you reduce the carbs even further, to below 50g per day, then your body will burn off the fat in order to get its energy. This is how people on low-carb diets not only manage to lose weight, but the loss is more permanent than for those who attend slimming clubs.



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